Louise Rosskam

American Women’s and Gender History Conference

University of California at Davis
Alumni Center, AGR Room [Google map][Campus map]
November 8-9, 2014
Open to the public

Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor and Lisa G. Materson invite you to join the following scholars as we discuss their contributions to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of American Women’s and Gender History and engage a broad audience from across multiple disciplines to explore the cutting edge of the field.

Saturday, November 8

9:00 Welcome / Opening Remarks
Lisa Materson and Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, University of California at Davis

9:30-11:00 Panel 1, Boundary Crossing
Moderator: Cecilia Tsu, University of California at Davis

Gender Frontiers of Early Contact in the Colonial Period
Kathleen Brown, University of Pennsylvania

Immigration, Migration, and Gender
Ana Elizabeth Rosas, University of California at Irvine

Interracial Relationships and Imperial Powers
Jennifer Spear, Simon Fraser University

11:30-1:00 Panel 2, Sex and Sexualities
Moderator: Lisa G. Materson, University of California at Davis

Reproduction, Birth Control, and Motherhood
Rickie Solinger, Independent Scholar

Sexual Identity and Rights
Marcia Gallo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Interracial Sex, Marriage, and the Nation
Mary Ting Yi Lui, Yale University

2:30-4:00 Panel 3, Workers, Families, Power
Moderator: Stephanie Jones-Rogers, University of California at Berkeley

Women, Power, and Families in Early Modern North America
Sarah M. S. Pearsall, University of Cambridge

Women and Slavery in the Nineteenth Century
Barbara Krauthamer, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Women’s Labors in Industrial and Post-Industrial America
Lara Vapnek, St. John’s University

4:15-5:45 Panel 4, War
Moderator: Rachel St John, New York University

Women, War, and Revolution
Kate Haulman, American University

Women, the Civil War, and Reconstruction
Hannah Rosen, William and Mary

Sunday, November 9

9:00-10:30 Panel 5, The Long View
Moderator: Lorena Oropeza, University of California at Davis

Women, Gender, and Religion
Ann Braude, Harvard University

Toby Ditz, Johns Hopkins University

Sexual Violence
Sharon Block, University of California at Irvine

11:00-12:30 Panel 6, Reform and Rights
Moderator: Sherry Katz, San Francisco State University

Religion, Reform, and Anti-Slavery
Margaret Washington, Cornell University

Women’s Rights, Suffrage, and Citizenship
Ellen DuBois, University of California at Los Angeles

Women and Internationalism in the “Progressive Era”
Kathryn Kish Sklar, State University of New York, Binghamton

2:00-3:30 Panel 7, Activisms
Moderator: Rebecca Kluchin, California State University, Sacramento

U.S. Feminisms and their Global Connections
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, Ohio State University

Women, Gender, and Conservatism
Michelle Nickerson, Loyola University Chicago

3:45-5:15 Panel 8, Commerce and Cultures
Moderator: Edith Sparks, University of the Pacific

Women and Modern Mass Consumption
Tracey Deutsch, University of Minnesota

Women at Play in Popular Culture
Erin Chapman, George Washington University

Women, Trade, and the Roots of Consumer Societies
Serena Zabin, Carleton College

5:15-5:45 Summing up

Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor and Lisa Materson

 5:45 Reception

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